Lost Christmas – A 90 minute film

This haunting festive family urban fairytale from the BBC is a real boundary pusher. Set in Manchester and aired a couple of days ago it’s a must to watch if you’ve not yet caught it. A gritty stark drama but at the same time beautiful and I think it will become a true Christmas classic in years to come because of its showing of the reality of how things can be at this time of year.

Larry Mills is excellent as Goose, a ten year old boy on Christmas Eve and the story follows him on his journey of destiny. Eddie Izzard is fantastic as Anthony a puzzling bloke who doesn’t quite know who he is, as is the other main character Jason Flemyng who plays Frank who has lost his way and turned to the darkside.

Here’s a trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeYnjcydwMY