This is Halloween

Hey peeps, Samhain/All Hallows the Pagan religious festival is with us once more! A time where it is said that the veil between the two worlds, the physical and the spiritual is at its most thinnest. It’s one of the world’s oldest celebrations where trick or treatsters are gathering en masse in the UK, Ireland, Mexico, USA, Canada and more.

Here’s a frightful little song from Disney to really get ye in the mood!

Happy Halloween!

Hubby is busy carving tonight’s offering, whilst I’m cooking up pumpkin soup which has just made it onto the menu at ours.

Some strange berried plants I found growing in the Halloween Garden this year!

Whether your off to the Halloween ball or are cosied up watching a chiller Flick, sat summoning the spirits on the Ouja, or downing them from a shot glass, I hope you thoroughly enjoy the evening’s celebrations!

x Della Marie