Happy New Year

Hello there, I hope you’ve had a decent Christmas. 
By now you maybe slobbed out on the sofa in your Sunday spandex and can’t bear the thought of consuming anything remotely laden with pastry, chocolate or alcohol. 🎂

Despite the laughs of terror as my oven door fell right off its hinges about an hour before ravenous guests were due at our place for Christmas Dinner, after a little improvisation the day turned out to be a right old cracker!🎉

Snowman and Snowmiss

I took a couple of weeks off to prepare for the frills n festivities and rest my old noggin from all things ‘making an creating’ for a wee while! Now though I’m thoroughly raring to get back to craft related duties asap!

So I’ll take this moment to raise my glass and wish you and yours the very best in health and pocket and for any new and exciting plans you make for the coming year 2015.

x Della Marie