🙏In unprecedented times such as these if people can put aside their differences and join forces to unite and work as a whole, then they are to stand a much better chance to fight the covid 19 pandemic that has struck our world in recent weeks.

Whilst we’re all adhering to the current social distancing measures, let’s spare a thought of the long lost friend/distant neighbour you’ve maybe not seen or heard from in a while. Why not give them a ring/text, perhaps there’s someone you’re aware of that might be isolated/living alone and/or struggling with disabilities, their physical or mental health. Take a short walk and knock/put a note through their door and check how they’re doing (keeping the 2 metre distancing in mind). Perhaps they need help with some shopping/jobs etc.

A friendly face and kind word can go a long way in a crisis situation such as this.
With the present restrictions we find imposed upon us as a nation, some people may be afraid/unsure as to whether it’s even safe for them to set foot outside at all. This could be due to misinformation from a unreliable source about the virus stating what they should/shouldn’t do, where they can/can’t go etc. Maybe they are not certain of the rules regarding their outdoor movements i.e visiting certain places/government buildings/travelling on transport, how to access healthcare services and so on.
Reassure them, provide comfort and offer to help in any way you can, tell them we will get through this, it will pass.

The media feeding frenzy hasn’t helped the general feel amongst the British public resulting in mass panic buying and hoarding, up and down the country and across the pond; the selfish minority showing no restraint, driven by intense fear and lack of control. Implications of this being huge shortages of basic amenities felt on a countrywide scale. There really is enough food/hand sanitiser and toilet rolls to go round – if the ignorant don’t insist on buying 5 of everything!
Now that the key supermarkets/food providers sensibility in implementing essential rationing of the basics is in place, householders will surely be able to breathe easier and be able to withstand the uncertainty of the coming weeks in the knowledge they’re not going to starve in the meantime. Though the online ordering system for the supermarkets seem to be at a blank regarding their delivery dates (at the time of writing) a queuing system is in place and that slots may come available throughout the day. I checked with Morrisons earlier and it said I was no 28,863 in the queue! So let’s hope this situation sorts out pretty rapidly. Tesco was a no no and Ocado and Sainsbury’s followed suit. Iceland didn’t deliver to my area and neither did Aldi.

On a brighter note let’s give thanks to the brilliant scientific minds currently in the race working on medicines and vaccines to fight the disease in Oxford, the U.S, China, Germany and Australia. And to the healthcare providers giving round the clock compassionate care, the pharmacy and food retailers and the thousands of voluntary staff that have signed up to help the NHS cope with the upsurge in illness and sure us all up through these stormy seas.

Let’s use this isolation time wisely; for it allows us to step back a little from the great hamster wheel of life. Rest up for a while sure, but use this time to reflect, show humility, kindness to others and gratitude for your previous freedoms and for the marvel of us all just been here on this, our precious earth in the first place. Make the most of your back yard/garden in Mother Nature be amongst the animal and plant kingdom, for it centre’s us and let’s us get back to our roots, our true core and allows us to discover whom we really are and what it is we’re doing here.

As we resign ourselves to this temporary incarceration for our own good try and stay productive, be resourceful. Innovate. Why not learn something new. That start up you always fancied trying…Give Mary Berry a run for her money and go bake that choccie Mc chunka cake! 🍩Paint/garden/create/spring clean. Try and enjoy the simple things. Build some bridges and make the best of the time with your loved ones or your time alone. See it as a time where you can go and do all those little things you really wanted but never actually seemed to find the time for. You might just find that you begin to relax and enjoy yourself a little in the process… 🙏

X Della Marie