To Jab or Not to Jab

That is the question!
If you’ve already rolled up your sleeve and taken the shot then I’m hoping you’re not feeling too crook and were given a PIL (Patient information leaflet beforehand). I’m wondering if those administering the jabs at the Vax centres gave you the time to read it thoroughly; so that you could consider the pros and cons and make an informed and personal choice on whether the benefits of taking one of the four experimental unlicensed unconventional vaccines’ currently on the market far outweigh the risks? Some people have reported that the PIL (patient info) leaflets seem to have been somewhat thin on the ground in the vaccination centres…
As I write this an old song pops into my head and Bobby Brown begins to sing ” It’s my prerogative!” Not a decision to be taken lightly is it.
If you’ve already took the plunge is it because you felt you were in one of the ‘at risk groups’ or wanted the ‘freedom pass’ and felt you had to comply, do your bit to protect yourself and your fellow countrymen from contracting the ‘rona or were you coerced into getting the jab from family members/peers or colleagues/bosses? Or did you simply go follow the herd – no questions asked?

If you’ve had two doses, how are you feeling? Did you get any after effects and end up in A & E? Or maybe you were just fine and have the constitution of an ox! Or perhaps you just won’t know the true outcome till a few years down the line.

Maybe for some of you one dose was enough. Was it a case of the old adage “Fool me once” and so you declined the second as I hear a great many peeps have reportedly not come forward for their second and others who I know personally will be omitting taking up any further jabs.

Here’s a series of links to get stuck into – if you’re interested in reading an alternative viewpoint from the pumped up narrative we’ve been subjected to by the msm:

UK Medical Freedom Alliance:

Do check out the Alliance for Human Research Protection site at: where Dr Sucharit Bhakti and other leading clinicians and scientists who dispute the panic global narrative being set:

Here’s one of my favourite Drs who won’t be silenced for speaking his truth! Dr Suneel Dhand:

Here’s another informative Dr that really challenges the narrative, Dr Sam Bailey:

One of my fave staple go to’s covering all the crazy happenings of the past 16 months and lots more is Russell Brand – check out his stuff, he has some cracking guests on:

And here’s another guy that I think’s really worth a watch if you haven’t already seen him, Carl Vernon:

Maybe you’ll take your chances and trust your own natural immunity to do what nature intended and you want nothing to do with this experimental emergency use unlicensed gene therapy that isn’t due to finish stage three clinical trials until around Feb 2023.

Whatever choice you’ve made regarding the jibber jabber – I hope you’ve thoroughly done your own research!

If you do happen to get any adverse drug reactions then do send your report on to the which really doesn’t seem to be doing the rounds in the mainstream media.

You can keep up to date with the latest detailed breakdown of the current adr’s on the independent informative news organisation that is UK Column:

X Della Marie